Removing the Stigma of Marriage Counseling

A marriage is a lifelong commitment to your significant other, but such an important committed relationship isn’t built overnight. While many couples are aware of the hard work required to maintain a happy and healthy marriage, they are at the same time reluctant to reach out and ask for help. Whether you are newlyweds or approaching your 50th wedding anniversary, marriage counseling can improve the relationship of any couple in need.

Removing the Stigma of Marriage Counseling

Clearing the Air

According to the Pew Research Center, only about 50% of Americans are married today, as opposed to 72% in the 1960’s. The reality is that many people have lost faith in the institution of marriage, and divorce rates have skyrocketed. In addition, younger generations are opting out of marriage altogether and instead look to cohabitation for existing relationships. Many couples would never think to consider marriage counseling for their relationship woes, however, because of the attached stigma, but seeking professional help can make a world of difference. By having a neutral party present, you and your partner create a safe space to openly tackle underlying issues.

Make Your Counseling Work For You

One of the reasons so many people cringe at the idea of counseling is because they don’t want to be tethered to their therapist or spend hours venting their feelings. It’s important to remember that the goal of couples counseling and marriage counseling is to return the relationship to a place of stability. Counseling can take as long as you need it to, but it’s not a lifelong commitment either. Ideally, you and your partner will be able to work through your issues together and gain the tools you’ll need to take on challenges in the future.

The hardest part of seeking professional help is taking the first step. Contact us at Stonebriar Counseling Associates today to learn more about rebuilding your relationship.

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