Stonebriar Counseling Associates (SCA) is purposefully passionate in providing quality psychotherapy from a Christian perspective that influences the treatment of psychological, emotional, and mental health issues.

At Stonebriar Counseling Associates, our therapists are licensed professional counselors, interns, and psychologists engaged in providing quality mental health care, counseling and educational services to clients in the Frisco area. Our team offers Biblical hope and solutions. We are committed to being a resource for individuals, families, and our entire community. We offer confidential counseling that is both professionally competent and distinctively Christian. Our therapists counsel with adults, couples, families, children and teenagers.

Counseling Services

At Stonebriar Counseling Associates, we offer a variety of counseling approaches in unique and thoughtful structures. Our counseling services include:

Individual Counseling – to help individuals achieve control over actions through an understanding of how thoughts, feelings, and decisions produce actions. Individual counseling can be extremely beneficial when you’re looking to take the next step forward in life. There are many different approaches to individual counseling, including, but not limited to, anger management, depression and anxiety, and substance abuse counseling.

Marriage and Couples Counseling – where two people can learn to communicate individual needs and find ways to resolve relationship differences. The goal of marriage counseling is the resolution of conflict: the development and strengthening of communication skills, and the growth of intimacy and mutual acceptance. Whether just beginning your lives together, seeking a check-up along your journey, or discovering that your partnership is spiraling downhill quickly, you can benefit from marriage and couples counseling. Adjunct to our Marriage and Couples Counseling services, we offer Premarital Counseling to set couples up for success in marriage using proven tools, including the industry-leading relationship inventory and couple’s assessment PREPARE-ENRICH.

Family Counseling – to help family members gain a greater understanding of the disruptive problems in their family unit with the end goal of identifying workable solutions. Each family is different and each approach will therefore be unique, but at the core of all family counseling is the facilitation of better communication. Family counseling can be beneficial for many life transitions, including divorce, birth, death, marriage, relocation and retirement. It is also an excellent tool to use when the family has individuals struggling with depression or anxiety, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, substance abuse and other challenges.

Child and Adolescent Counseling – where a therapist will assess the young person’s development in the context of his/her family, school, and community. Oftentimes, various proven assessment tools will be used as a part of the therapy. New coping and decision-making skills will be explored. Parents are encouraged to work closely with the therapist in encouraging the child’s growth and development.

Group Counseling – that normally focuses on a common set of issues. Group therapy provides rich context for those seeking to understand and change harmful patterns, and it brings the added benefits of community accountability and support. At SCA, we offer ongoing groups for boundaries (women only), sexual addictions (men only) and for couples. Contact us to learn more about our current and planned group therapy sessions.

Educational, Interpersonal and Mental Health Assessments

Stonebriar Counseling Associates employs a number of science-backed mental health and educational assessments for both children and adults for evaluating specific strengths and weaknesses for personal, academic and occupational needs. These include mental health measures for depression and anxiety, screenings for ADHD, ADD and ODD, the stress profile assessment and the SYMBIS Marital/Premarital Assessment. We offer information-rich feedback sessions where the therapist will thoroughly process the assessment results with the client.

The SCA Ethos

At Stonebriar Counseling Associates, we encourage clients to discover and use their own God-given strengths and resources to help them through difficult times. To this end, SCA is committed to glorify God by:

  • Believing that each person has the innate ability for personal growth and wholeness.
  • Seeking a variety of approaches to help you learn new skills and find more choices so as to manage life’s changes with a broader range of solutions for recognizing your strengths.
  • Accepting all people with respect and love regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity or socio-economic status.
  • Thoughtfully affirming and carefully following the morals of the Christian faith and the ethics of the professional governing boards.
  • Providing research and development for new and innovative seminars and workshops in order to further the well-being and self-sufficiency of each client.

We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to better. Contact us today to schedule your initial confidential consultation.