Premarital counseling can help pave the way to a partnership that grows and lasts. Our therapists encourage couples to explore potential strengths and needs in the relationship, to discuss and resolve areas of disagreement, to develop a vision for the future, and to accept each other as individuals. The Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis is used to discuss strengths and explore areas where further growth is advised. In order to develop communication that goes beyond surface level communication and selfishness a couple must understand that the relationship cannot be taken for granted with little desire to give attention to the other.

Attempting to establish a new course in life with one’s future partner can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Therefore, if there is any wind of self-centeredness within the storm of one’s anger and frustration the engaged person can find themselves propelled from gradually making any effort to work on such issues. Rather than seek measures to deepen the relationship and return to shore so that the both of them can learn how to become one flesh, their ship aimlessly wanders over the course of time with the assumption that the marriage is as good as it is going to get. At this point, there is a subtle inference between both partners in refusing to make any changes- personally or corporately. So many marriages that have been taken for granted present themselves with a false appearance before family and friends. In fact, issues are dealt with on a superficial level rather than working through one’s feelings so as to develop emotional intimacy. Therefore, our counselors will provide a warm, encouraging context to clarify, identify, and enhance effective communication tools so as to help each couple with strong lasting relationships.