Educational and Testing Assessments are offered to both children and adults for evaluating specific strengths and weaknesses for school and occupational needs.

Assessment process and services:
  • Phone Consultation: The consultation is an introductory confidential discussion between you and myself or one of our counselors to best determine your specific testing needs. You are then referred to a licensed clinician in order to complete your mental health examination and testing.We present to you a clear estimate of cost, prior to scheduling your assessment.
  • Mental Health Assessment: This involves 2-4 hours of client interview, test administration, and the interviewing of collateral sources(i.e. medical doctor) if applicable.
  • Mental Health Assessment Report: A licensed staff member completes the report, based on your test results and the clinical interview. The report includes a historical overview of the problem, test results and interpretations, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations tailored to the specifics of the client’s condition and situation. Test interpretation and report writing requires one to four hours and is billed directly to the client.
  • SYMBIS Premarital(and marital) Assessment: This is an ideal assessment as it provides a clear interpretation of the clients’ current communication skills, family of origin analysis, and needs/preferences towards the relationship in order for the marriage to succeed. This assessment is available for a $150.00 administration and cost of the test fee. Learn More
  • Stress Profile Assessment: This assessment provides scores in at least 8-10 areas related to stress and health risk. It is essential in helping individuals identify areas of stress in the present as well as their current attitudes/beliefs about their current situation. The test looks carefully at how the specific stresses are related to emotional and physical well-being. The assessment takes less than a half an hour to complete. In addition, two office visits are required. The office visits may be covered by insurance. The participant is responsible only for the Stress Profile testing fee of $75.00. This test is ideal for those who work in demanding professions or experience other high stress environments on a regular basis.
  • Feedback Sessions: These sessions offer the client an opportunity to process the results of their report. These compassionate and enriching fee based sessions are available for providing counseling upon request from the client.

ADHD/ADD testing includes:

  • Obtain a comprehensive, specific, and individualized diagnostic evaluation, ruling out differential diagnoses and pin-pointing patterns of strengths and weaknesses in several areas including cognitive and academic abilities.
  • In addition to evaluating symptoms of ADD and ADHD, other areas such as cognitive, emotional, academic, and neurological functioning are assessed to see what may be impacting the current problem from a more holistic perspective.
  • This comprehensive approach is especially important for those who may require academic accommodations, as it meets all requirements set forth by academic institutions.
  • This is the optimal approach to diagnosis because it is supported by data and an exhaustive review of history. You are provided with a lengthy report profiling your:
    • Overall performance
    • Strengths
    • Key areas for improvement
    • Possible need for accommodations
    • Individualized recommendations
    • Thorough recommendations, a one-on-one feedback session, and as-needed follow-up are included to help you understand and integrate the findings.
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Although fees may vary according to the specific needs of the group, couple, or individual, the following serves as a basic guideline:
Test Administration $150.00 per hour
Test Interpretation and Report Writing $100.00 per hour