5 Little Things That Can Help You Manage Depression

When you’re dealing with depression, sometimes even the little things can seem daunting. Cleaning the house and other errands  are simply out of the question when you’re fatigued and all your brain wants you to do is lay there and contemplate your existence. Sometimes, even brushing your hair can feel like burden. Focusing on the … Read more5 Little Things That Can Help You Manage Depression

What are Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia?

Does your child struggle to write and complete math problems effectively?  Are your child’s teachers concerned about your child’s bad grades in math and English?  Have you tried to assist your child with homework and yet no progress is made?  If you answered yes to these questions, then your child might have dysgraphia or dyscalculia.  … Read moreWhat are Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia?

Removing the Stigma of Marriage Counseling

A marriage is a lifelong commitment to your significant other, but such an important committed relationship isn’t built overnight. While many couples are aware of the hard work required to maintain a happy and healthy marriage, they are at the same time reluctant to reach out and ask for help. Whether you are newlyweds or approaching … Read moreRemoving the Stigma of Marriage Counseling

Unique Ways to Grieve During the Pandemic

As the holiday season comes to an end accompanied by rising COVID-19 statistics and troubling projections for the winter, many of us will find ourselves dealing with grief. Traditional funeral services featuring large groups of friends and family meeting during wakes, church services, and luncheons are, unfortunately, not currently allowed in many areas. Some families … Read moreUnique Ways to Grieve During the Pandemic

How ADHD Affects Distance Learning

There have been studies that discuss how ADHD affects traditional learning in the classroom, but now that more kids are doing distance learning, it’s crucial to understand how ADHD can affect a child’s ability to succeed with virtual education.  Children with ADHD are easily distracted, and they struggle with paying attention to things that don’t … Read moreHow ADHD Affects Distance Learning

What Can I Do? Helping a Loved One with Mental Illness

Mental well-being has become something of a rare commodity in our society, and everyone either knows someone dealing with a mental illness disorder or is living with one themselves. It’s easy to feel helpless when a loved one is struggling with an invisible force you may never have experienced or even fully understand, but don’t … Read moreWhat Can I Do? Helping a Loved One with Mental Illness

Manage Your Mountain of Debt and Find Financial Freedom

It doesn’t matter how much income you earn or how disciplined your spending habits are if you are drowning in debt. Without adequate budgeting, what seems like a sound investment can turn into an obstacle to financial freedom. Monthly payments for housing, transportation, and education can absorb your paycheck, leaving little for medical bills, groceries, … Read moreManage Your Mountain of Debt and Find Financial Freedom