What Is Self-care And Why Do We Need It?

In our society these days, self-care is so overlooked. Somehow we have managed to adopt the notion that “self-care” is somehow selfish. The truth is that this thinking is actually quite unhealthy.  While overindulgence and impulsiveness in the name of “self-care” can be bad proper self-care is incredibly important and something that is gravely missing … Read moreWhat Is Self-care And Why Do We Need It?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a short-term type of psychotherapy blended with behavioral therapy. Typically, the process takes about five to ten months with sessions once a week that last about 50 minutes. The focus is that how one thinks effects how one feels. If someone can change the way they think about certain events, … Read moreCognitive Behavioral Therapy

How to Make Children Feel Comfortable in Your Office

Child and adolescent therapy takes a special gift, knowledge, and patience. It’s important to begin gaining the trust of the child and parent as soon as they walk through your door. A sure way begin this process is to make your child feel comfortable not only in your therapy room but also in the waiting … Read moreHow to Make Children Feel Comfortable in Your Office

What Are Psychotic Disorders?

The very concept of psychotic disorders can arouse confusion and even fear from those who have never experienced it. Common stereotypes dominate the public perception of psychosis. In order to dispel these damaging myths, we’re going to take a look at what psychosis really is and how it is commonly treated. What is a Psychotic Disorder? … Read moreWhat Are Psychotic Disorders?

New DSM-V Diagnosis & Treatment

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) was created a long time ago to serve as a universal guideline for all psychologists to measure, diagnose and treat mental illnesses. However, as the DSM is based on science, it needs to be revised often when new evidence arrives. The most recent DSM-V is more precise and helpful … Read moreNew DSM-V Diagnosis & Treatment