Psychotic Disorders: What are They?

Psychotic disorders are severe mental health issues that effect the mind and one’s thinking patterns and perceptions. Some of these disorders include and schizoaffective disorder. Psychosis can also occur in bipolar disorder, in people with brain tumors, and be drug-induced. Symptoms The most common symptoms of psychotic disorders include hallucinations, delusions, distorted thought patterns, unusual … Read morePsychotic Disorders: What are They?

5 Benefits of Group Therapy

There are several benefits of attending group therapy. These therapy sessions can be held for a number of reasons. We offer ongoing groups for, boundaries (women only), sexual addictions (men only), and for couples in couples communication. Group therapy sessions generally last around 90 minutes. Depending on the issue that the group is addressing depends … Read more5 Benefits of Group Therapy

Screen addiction in children and teens

Modern parents have the same worries of the generations from three or four decades ago – drunk driving, school absenteeism, underage drinking, etc. However, there is a new worry in the child-rearing world – screen “addiction”. Technology is a wonderful resource, connecting people and opening up previously unavailable opportunities. But it can also be a cause of … Read moreScreen addiction in children and teens

Marriage Counseling: Enhancing the Bond

Marriage counseling is not a new concept, but is more popular than ever before. With a better understanding of the benefits of individual counseling, including holistic wellness, we have a deeper understanding of the importance of couples and marriage counseling. Seeking counseling for marital issues is not a sign of the end of the relationship, … Read moreMarriage Counseling: Enhancing the Bond

It is Never Your Fault: Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Relationships are a human resource that can create healthy growth, but also hurt us if we are not fostering the right, positive affiliations. Emotional and psychological abuse is devastating to one’s trust, their self-confidence, and their ability to love. Symptoms of emotional and psychological abuse may be difficult to identify, but if you find yourself … Read moreIt is Never Your Fault: Emotional and Psychological Abuse

What Is Self-care And Why Do We Need It?

In our society these days, self-care is so overlooked. Somehow we have managed to adopt the notion that “self-care” is somehow selfish. The truth is that this thinking is actually quite unhealthy.  While overindulgence and impulsiveness in the name of “self-care” can be bad proper self-care is incredibly important and something that is gravely missing … Read moreWhat Is Self-care And Why Do We Need It?