Midlife: Half-empty or Half-full

Midlife is an important milestone in the journey of life.  A point in our lives to look back at how far we have come, take a deep breath, and evaluate where we go next.  Yes, it could be some unwanted growth around the waistline and graying or balding hairline but it also brings in more … Read more

Signs of ADHD in Girls

We have heard a lot about the signs of ADHD in boys but there is still not enough information on how ADHD shows up in girls.  While most girls will talk a lot, a possible sign of ADHD is excessive talking even when it’s during inappropriate times. Some girls with ADHD also frequently interrupt conversations … Read more

How to Spot Emotional & Psychological Abuse

When we first hear the phrase “domestic abuse” we often first think of physical abuse, but domestic abuse can come in many other forms including emotional and psychological abuse.   Below are some signs to watch for: Accusations, denial, and blaming This looks like: Jealousy. They come at you with accusations of cheating or spending too much … Read more

Getting Help to Manage Your Depression

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) describes depression as a set of persistent behaviors and feelings (symptoms) that negatively impact an individual’s daily life. Some flags of depression include  loss of appetite, decreased energy/increased sleep patterns, and having less interest in one’s life. Feelings of worthlessness sometimes lead to self-imposed isolation. For people experiencing depression, seeking professional … Read more

Making the Transition to Midlife

What Is Midlife? According to Psychology Today, midlife is the time that spans from, approximately, age 40 to age 60. Some people may begin to see changes as young as 30, the age will vary with each person. Making this transition can be a real struggle for some. However, with a little guidance and encouragement, … Read more