Coping with Anxiety During a Pandemic

If you are struggling with overwhelming anxiety lately, you are definitely not alone. The uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic has led to spikes in our overall anxiety levels, especially with the nearly constant media coverage. In addition to the ongoing discussion concerning the virus, the actions necessary for the health of our communities can leave … Read moreCoping with Anxiety During a Pandemic

5 Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Marriages are no easy task. They require constant hard work and dedication in order to stay healthy. Prior to getting married, many individuals and their partners are now choosing to participate in premarital counseling, regardless of religious affiliation, in order to ensure a successful marriage. The following is a list of benefits that couples can experience … Read more5 Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Emotional and Psychological Domestic Abuse: Unseen but still abuse

Why is it important to for people to seek help after emotional or psychological abuse? When people hear about domestic abuse, most think of physical abuse. Some will even minimize emotional or psychological abuse by saying things like “at least he/she isn’t hitting you”. However, the impact of emotional and psychological abuse should not be … Read moreEmotional and Psychological Domestic Abuse: Unseen but still abuse

You Are Worthy: Manage Anxiety with Healthier Attitudes

Anxiety comes in many forms, and the first step to relieving its negative impact on your life is by facing your fears. In an age where social approval is endlessly sought after, many of us struggle with the fear of not being enough. Society asks us to excel at work, maintain a variety of relationships, … Read moreYou Are Worthy: Manage Anxiety with Healthier Attitudes

Stonebriar Counseling Associates: Coronavirus Update

Dear clients of Stonebriar Counseling Associates, Stonebriar Counseling Associates is informed of the coronavirus concern and is keeping up to date with the new development and precautions from the CDC. Our primary goal is our client’s health and safety while still being able to provide our services. In light of growing anxieties around the new … Read moreStonebriar Counseling Associates: Coronavirus Update