Stonebriar Counseling Associates: Coronavirus Update

Dear clients of Stonebriar Counseling Associates, Stonebriar Counseling Associates is informed of the coronavirus concern and is keeping up to date with the new development and precautions from the CDC. Our primary goal is our client’s health and safety while still being able to provide our services. In light of growing anxieties around the new … Read moreStonebriar Counseling Associates: Coronavirus Update

Substance Abuse: The Opiate Crisis

Substance abuse is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and the opioid crisis our country is facing is only compounding the issue.  From 2002 to 2015, there has been an almost three-fold increase in deaths from opioid overdose, with use of the powerful painkillers reaching commonality by uninformed doctors over-prescribing the narcotics with a … Read moreSubstance Abuse: The Opiate Crisis

What is Considered Emotional or Psychological Abuse?

Emotional or psychological abuse is a term that people use a lot and sometimes the behaviors they are referring to do not qualify as emotional abuse. The term emotional abuse has become commonplace to describe behaviors that people do not like. Emotional abuse is an attempt for one partner to control another using emotion. This … Read moreWhat is Considered Emotional or Psychological Abuse?

You Don’t Have To Experience A Death To Experience Grief And Loss

Most people associate the term “grief and loss” with death. But what about the ending of a long-term relationship with someone who was once very close to you? What if your house catches fire and you lose irreplaceable items or even a position at work you worked hard for was given to a fellow employee? … Read moreYou Don’t Have To Experience A Death To Experience Grief And Loss

Families Healing from Addiction

Recent surveys regarding Americans with addictions to controlled substances, puts the number above 21 million people over the age of 12. In addition to that are the unnumbered addicts who have not yet sought assistance for their recovery, or even yet identified their illness. It is apparent that addiction is a staggering issue facing families today, … Read moreFamilies Healing from Addiction

Coping with Mental Illness in the Family

Millions of Americans suffer from a variety of mental illnesses. Not only is a mental illness diagnosis difficult for the patient, it’s also emotional and challenging for family members. Many people are unsure how best to support their loved ones suffering from mental illness while also struggling to cope with the diagnosis themselves. If you … Read moreCoping with Mental Illness in the Family

Psychotic Disorders: What are They?

Psychotic disorders are severe mental health issues that effect the mind and one’s thinking patterns and perceptions. Some of these disorders include and schizoaffective disorder. Psychosis can also occur in bipolar disorder, in people with brain tumors, and be drug-induced. Symptoms The most common symptoms of psychotic disorders include hallucinations, delusions, distorted thought patterns, unusual … Read morePsychotic Disorders: What are They?

5 Benefits of Group Therapy

There are several benefits of attending group therapy. These therapy sessions can be held for a number of reasons. We offer ongoing groups for, boundaries (women only), sexual addictions (men only), and for couples in couples communication. Group therapy sessions generally last around 90 minutes. Depending on the issue that the group is addressing depends … Read more5 Benefits of Group Therapy

Screen addiction in children and teens

Modern parents have the same worries of the generations from three or four decades ago – drunk driving, school absenteeism, underage drinking, etc. However, there is a new worry in the child-rearing world – screen “addiction”. Technology is a wonderful resource, connecting people and opening up previously unavailable opportunities. But it can also be a cause of … Read moreScreen addiction in children and teens