Recognizing the Signs of Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Often, when we think of abuse we think of the physical signs of abuse. The bruised and battered body. While these are signs of physical abuse, the signs of emotional and psychological abuse are often harder to see, but the abuse is just as damaging. Today we’ll be sharing the signs of emotional abuse.

Recognizing the Signs of Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Signs that someone is in an emotionally abusive relationship:

– You are afraid of your partner.

– Even though you are afraid, you are anxious to please your partner.

– They are constantly using put-downs to humiliated or embarrassed you.

– Your partner ignores and excludes you.

– Makes everything your fault.

– Constantly calling/texting when you are not with your partner.

– Guilt trips.

– They try to control you.

– Make you feel as though you must ask permission before doing anything

– Use money as a way to control you.

– Regularly point out your flaws.

– They blame you for their own happiness or unhappiness, making you feel as though you are the one that controls their feelings.

– They don’t show empathy.

Emotional abuse is often hard to recognize, but it is important to know the major signs. It is also important to remember that emotional abuse is never your fault. Abusers are manipulative in the way they treat you, making you feel that how they are treating you is because of something you did. This is not true. Often, in an emotionally abusive situation, the victim finds it hard to walk away because of the manipulation. But, with the right help, they are able to leave the abusive situation and move forward with their lives. If you or someone you know is being emotionally abused, please contact us for more information and help. Getting out of an abusive situation is hard, but it is always a good choice to walk away.

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