How ADHD Affects Distance Learning

There have been studies that discuss how ADHD affects traditional learning in the classroom, but now that more kids are doing distance learning, it’s crucial to understand how ADHD can affect a child’s ability to succeed with virtual education.  Children with ADHD are easily distracted, and they struggle with paying attention to things that don’t hold their interest for long periods of time.  When there are distractions at home, it becomes a challenge for them to learn.  Here is what you should know about how ADHD affects distance learning and how you can support your child.

How ADHD Affects Distance Learning

Routines are Crucial

When helping your child with distance learning, it helps to create a consistent yet flexible school routine for him.  On the night before, you can organize his schoolwork in different folders according to the subject. Then you can label the folders so that your child will know which ones he’ll need to take out on the next morning.  Give him a visual schedule that he can follow every day and walk him through it so that he can practice the routine.  Post the schedule on his bedroom door, his bathroom, and on the kitchen refrigerator.

Eliminate Distractions

Set up a space in your home where your child will be free from distractions while distance learning is happening. Don’t place a TV or your child’s phone in this room.  Include a few fidget toys on his desk that he can mess with when he struggles to pay attention.  Block access to distracting websites such as social media platforms and your child’s email accounts.

Give Him Brain Breaks

Many children with ADHD find it hard to sit attentively at the desk for hours at a time.  It is okay to let your child have brain breaks in between lessons.  This energizes him and he’ll be in a better place to focus on what the teachers are saying.

In conclusion, your child can succeed in spite of his condition. With these strategies, he will do well with distance learning.

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