Attacking and Tackling Addiction

What needs to change in your life? How is your addiction negatively impacting your life? These are the questions you need answers for, in order to become willing to embark on real and substantial recovery from addiction. Anyone can quit for a day, but it takes real, honest, hard work to quit for the long haul.

Attacking and Tackling Addiction

Recovery is not for the faint at heart. It requires willingness, an open mind, and change. Change in your attitude, behaviors, sometimes friends and sometimes even the playgrounds you used to inhabit. Change is scary but also so very necessary for recovery.

What negative impact has your addiction had on your life? Who has your addiction negatively affected? Who is paying the price for your addiction?

Yes, the answers to those questions can feel unbearable. Yes, you may feel consumed with guilt and fear at this moment. It may feel completely insurmountable. But, you have become aware there is a problem and that is the very first step in recovery.

The next step is to take immediate action while you are willing and find the right support network to aid you in tackling this issue.  Understand that while you most certainly can attempt to tackle your addiction beast on your own; having a team surrounding you with love, support and guidance will be the difference between temporary and long-term recovery. Traditional twelve step programs will tell you “one day at a time”, but oftentimes one day is too big an obstacle to face early on in recovery.

525,600 minutes are in a year. Will you survive another year on the path you are on? Do you want to keep living the way you are living? If not, then contact us here at Stonebriar Counseling Associates today and let’s get to tackling you addiction so you can start living.

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