5 Types of Grief and How Group Therapy Can Help

There are many situations in life that may cause you to grieve. Sometimes recovery smoothly runs its course, other times, you may not be able to recover as quickly as you would like. Group therapy can provide coping mechanisms to help you move past a devastating situation. The five most common causes of grief are death of a spouse, marriage, divorce, retirement, and pregnancy.

5 Types of Grief and How Group Therapy Can Help

1. Death of a Spouse

Dealing with the death of a spouse can cause you to experience a variety of emotions, but the most evident feeling will be a sense of loss. The permanence and/or suddenness of losing someone who was present on a daily basis can make you feel like your world has come to an end. Although your family and friends are around to console you, you may feel alone and depressed.

2. Marriage

Marriage is an exciting time for most people, but the reality of such a tremendous commitment may not set in for a few weeks or months. Adjusting to marriage can be difficult. The responsibility of such a commitment can cause a person to panic, and overwhelming stress can provide fertile soil for grief to grow.

3. Divorce

Divorce is literally the death of a marriage. It can trigger grief and unwanted thoughts and feelings about deconstructing a life that was meant to be shared. The split of a family or separation of two people who once loved each other can be devastating.

4. Retirement

A lot of people look forward to retirement as a time of carefree leisure. Very often the reality does not live up to the ideal, and expected feelings of pleasure and comfort are fleeting. Loss of a sense of purpose or usefulness can cause a retired person to experience grief through feelings of anxiety and depression.

5. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is all about hormones, whether or not it is supported by partners, friends, or family. Expectant parents have mixed emotions, especially the mother, that manifest in unexplainable mood swings that include depression. A lost sense of self can bring with it symptoms of grief.

How Can Grief Therapy Help?

Grief can take on many different forms, which may not be obvious to the person experiencing it. Grief therapy can help people address their issues and provide different coping techniques and tips. Life is difficult, and additional grief and stress can cause health problems. Grief therapy can be the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s never too late. Contact us today, we can help.

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