It is Never Your Fault: Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Relationships are a human resource that can create healthy growth, but also hurt us if we are not fostering the right, positive affiliations. Emotional and psychological abuse is devastating to one’s trust, their self-confidence, and their ability to love. Symptoms of emotional and psychological abuse may be difficult to identify, but if you find yourself struggling with maintaining happy and mutually respectful relationships, therapy may be the option for you. It is never your fault and learning this is the first step toward healing.

It is Never Your Fault: Emotional and Psychological Abuse

The effects of emotional and psychological abuse on family roles will result in painful bouts of unspoken hurt and mistrust. Relationships of love, that suffer from these issues, could fracture the support of self-confidence and self-respect to those involved. The first step to recovering from these painful experiences is to hear yourself say the words, “It’s not my fault.”

Long term emotional and psychological abuse destabilizes how future relationships form. This psychological distress also disrupts the nourishing of current relationships. This could lead to feelings of depression, social anxiety, and stress management issues, which have an impact on health, job performance, self-esteem, and loved ones.

No one is unworthy of trust and love. Stonebriar Counseling Associates (SCA), empowered by this mission with the message of love and trust from God. Stonebriar Counseling Associates offers many forms of counseling services to help mend the root of these emotional and psychological pains. Utilizing Christian methodologies offered by Stonebriar Counseling Associates, support is available for those suffering with emotional and psychological abuse through individual, family, or marital counseling.

Are you not sure what the first step to take is? Stonebriar Counseling Associates are always available to offer direction and guidance. Contact us, and let us help nurture faith back into your life, working together to create love and healing for yourself and others.

It is never your fault, and let us tell you all the ways it wasn’t.

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