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A Lesson in Forgiveness

  • April 6, 2018 /
  • by Stonebriar Counseling Associates /
  • Forgiveness, Self and Others /
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To “forgive and forget” is a well-known phrase that can be hard to put into practice. Far too many of us on this earth have experienced levels of pain and trauma that are difficult to even talk about, let alone move on from. Just as common is the struggle of forgiving ourselves for actions we’ve done. Nobody is perfect, but there is a difference between making a simple mistake and taking action that hurts another person. At the apex of both these situations the same thoughts surface: how will I move on? How will I survive.

A Lesson in Forgiveness

Here at Stonebriar Counseling Associates, we are here you tell you that you will survive. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ was in similar shape: the people who had worshiped him as he rode into Jerusalem and laid palms on his path were now screaming for his execution just a few days later. To make matters worse, he was completely innocent of all accusations. The Son of Man who had spent three years healing the sick, delivering the afflicted, and revealing biblical truths was now facing death’s door for simply attempting to bring people closer to God.

What did Jesus do in this situation that had so quickly turned around for the worst? The 23rd chapter of Luke tells us that He forgave them. Even when things were bleak and hope was lost, he still managed to find it in his heart to forgive. We at Stonebriar want you to understand Jesus knows your pain. He understands your sorrow, your hurt, your shame. But He wants you live. He knows you will survive. Let us show you how.