Out of the Blue: Panic and Panic Attacks

The majority of people think panic attacks are all in our heads. The fact is they can be, but they can also affect any part of your body. Some people experience panic attacks in their chest where breathing becomes difficult and can lead you to think you are having a heart attack, especially if it is your first time. Other people describe a throbbing headache that can be accompanied by confusion and/or hallucinations. Bottom line is they are extremely frightening.

Out of the Blue: Panic and Panic Attacks

While the symptoms can vary widely, the cause is the same. Something causes you to panic or to fear something. It could be a thought at the forefront of your thinking or something completely in the back of your mind. It could be a thought about an event you recently experienced or one that happened a long  time ago. It could also be caused by stress. It can leave you to wonder what could possibly cause you so much fear and anxiety that your body would react so violently?

The hardest thing about panic attacks is identifying the problem so you can find the solution. Discovering what is causing you the fear is the start to eliminating them all together. The fear is real but the good news is there is hope.

Hope comes in the form of getting help to understand and uncover what that fear is. You may not think your thoughts need to be analyzed to uncover the reasons for your panic attacks. After all, how can thoughts control your body. The truth is they can. Since the mind is a very complex organ it can require a little help to get past these fears.

Don’t spend your days in a tailspin when help is just a phone call away. Give us a call and we will work diligently to help you sort out the triggers that lay in wait.


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