Spiritually Speaking The Gift!

It is almost impossible to go into the Christmas season without thinking about the gift! Most will think long and hard on what they will give to their family, friends and even business associates. Some will plan the budget carefully. Others will painstakingly coordinate their shopping route in order to find the best bargains and be the most productive with their time. Many will put on their creative hats and make an artful present from scratch or even cook and bake the most unbelievable sweets or goodies. Still, others will have great difficulty with the gift! Just what is the ultimate gift this Christmas?At some point this season, most of us will remember and even dwell on the true meaning of Christmas; the birth of Christ, the savior of the world. We will be generous to others, do good thingsfor others, have a good attitude, be full of good cheer and give heartfelt gifts. Spiritually speaking, the ultimate gift is eternal life, found in the ‘reason for the season,’ Jesus (Rom 6:23; James 1:17, 18). God’s word is clear. The ultimate gift is the ability to live a “right life” through the power ofGod’s Spirit living in us (see Rom 5:17; Acts 10:45). Along with the ultimate gift, God has a specific reason for the gift. He told Abraham (Gen 12:1-3) that this ultimate gift would not only be a blessing, but it would empower him, and all who would accept His ultimate gift, to be a blessing to others. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 that because of the gift we have received, we do not lack anything we need to be a blessing to others-we have been given spiritual gifts!

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