Overcoming Infidelity and Other Relationship Obstacles

Infidelity can strike any relationship… New or old, married or unwed, no relationship is immune.

However, the reality is that most people who step out of their marriage or relationship, still love and care for the person they strayed from.

Overcoming Infidelity and Other Relationship Obstacles

A Lack of communication and support, not being understanding towards one another, and failing to meet one another’s physical and emotional needs can build over time, creating feelings of resentment, which can lead to a partner to looking outside the relationship for attention and validation. More often than not, the relationship ends in divorce or a split, leaving everyone involved (especially children) hurt, confused, and feeling broken. The trauma that is left to deal with is hard to overcome, and often has a lasting impact.

Affairs can cause feelings of worthlessness, shame, anxiety, and inability to trust. Children can feel left behind, or like they are somehow to blame. 

The good news, is that the relationship does not have to end. You and your family can get through this rough time. There are times when it’s best for the relationship to end, but that is something to be determined. Marriages are almost always salvageable if both people are willing to work through the issues. We are here to guide you as you. With Biblically sound advice, we strive to get to know our clients personally, and offer solutions that come with hope.

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