Counseling Classes-Stress / Pain Management

Chronic pain alone is enough to deal with. The stress associated with it can lead to worsening conditions or medical conditions that parallel stress such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. In order to improve the quality of life, it is necessary to learn coping skills for pain management.

Counseling Classes-Stress / Pain Management

Unfortunate hazards of chronic pain:

  • opiate addiction
  • loss of income
  • depression/anxiety
  • isolation
  • costly medical procedures and medications
  • loss of self-esteem

These are just a few of the problems that chronic pain is associated with. All of these things can cause strain on the mentality of a person. Often causing a person to deteriorate mentally and lose self-worth. With today’s growing population and fast paced living, everyone is stressed. Fast is the new norm, workloads are increasing, demands are beyond reasonable. Life can easily become overwhelming, especially if you have chronic pain. Stress and chronic pain are a loop of misery feeding off of each other like parasites. Stress can inflame chronic pain and in return, chronic pain can cause stress.

With the right tools and education learned from our counseling classes, chronic pain sufferers can learn to manage their disease in a functional way. Relaxation techniques can help calm minds and reduce tension. Cognitive therapy and at home assignments help to strengthen techniques learned from sessions. At Stonebriar Counseling Associates our qualified and capable staff are Bible-driven and faith focused on helping clients in their time of need. Our mission is to ensure clients take home with them the knowledge to pursue a happy and healthy life. contact us today to take back your life.

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