Driving Factors of Codependency?

Individuals who establish a healthy sense of self during their developmental years know who they are as individuals. They have a good measure of autonomy, and they are able to function without fearing they will lose themselves or be overwhelmed. They are able to engage in appropriate self-care while also caring for others. In the face of criticism or failure, they are still able to maintain a basic core of self-worth. They maintain a balance among the stresses and strains of life. Conversely, codependent people have not been able to develop self-esteem, confidence or a healthy sense of personal identity that in turnsignificantly impairs their ability to function as healthy, reasonably autonomous individuals. This creates problems in many areas of their lives. In all honesty, each of us is controlled by the actions and opinions of others. In some ways, we try to control one another. The intensity that causes one to be controlling and controlled by others, characterizes those who are codependent. They latch on to the people they try to save, take care of, appease, or intimidate because they rely too much on someone else. Consider the following emotional overdrives in the life of a codependent.

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