Planning For The Future: Premarital Counseling

Weddings are wonderful, exchanging vows and sharing your joy with family and friends. A day to look forward to and a day to remember. Setting the stage for a singular celebration takes a lot of effort, perhaps as long as a year of planning for that one magical day. All the days that follow need planning too.

Planning For The Future: Premarital Counseling

Marriage insurance – there’s no such thing.  You can’t rely on the joyful emotional tidal wave of your nuptials to sustain a lifetime commitment. Over time, it can easily become a tsunami of miscommunications that destroys the love and trust that led you to the altar in the first place.

As in your education and career; marriage is hard work, an investment of time and energy that will pay dividends if you devote yourself to its success.  Marriage is organic; it has to be tended and nurtured or it will wither and die.

We all have seen the sadness, hurt and fractured families that result from divorce. But some shattered marriages might have been saved if the bride and groom had put as much planning into their life together as they did on their wedding day. If they had the foresight to get counseling before the wedding, perhaps they would have lived happily ever after.

When you come to Stonebriar Counseling Associates for premarital counseling, we employ The Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis  It’s not a crystal ball, but it does help identify traits and tendencies that can sabotage a relationship.

If there is something about your future spouse, some flaw or habit, that annoys or bothers you, there is 0% chance that your love will change them after you are married. You can’t change them, you can only change YOU.

Keeping your commitment means honoring the vows you made should circumstances change. When conflicts and troubles come, and they will, healthy couples will turn to each other, not on each other.

There is another aspect to your marriage, one that can’t be quantified by personality tests: faith. Faith in each other and faith in our Creator.

Marriage was God’s idea, and with that in mind, our premarital counseling is refracted through a Christian lens, helping you establish a sure foundation upon which to build your life together.

We want your future anniversaries to be celebrations of many years of shared history. Contact us to put premarital counseling on your list of things to do before your wedding.

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