You Are Not Alone: Spiritual Counseling Can Help

Sometimes, it seems like the only thing life gives us is traffic, missed promotions, layoffs, divorce, and death. These situations have us feeling alone, even with prayer. Unfortunately, the necessary tools to process life’s stressors doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes, we need more to feel like we aren’t alone.

Spiritual Counseling does just that. It is a process where a counselor and client sit together and have a conversation that is Christ-centered. The power of these elements combined means that spiritual counseling can help heal a person through life’s challenges.  At the same time it provides deep spiritual growth.

You Are Not Alone: Spiritual Counseling Can Help

  1. Know What You Want.

It is important to be honest with yourself. What brought you to seek guidance? Are you looking to deepen your faith in searching for meaning from life? Are you dealing with a particular challenge? How much do you want to involve God into your conversations?

The more you are aware of what is driving your need for guidance, the deeper a spiritual counselor can connect with you through transformation.

  1. Pick a Counselor You Can Trust.

When picking a counselor, you should first ensure that the counselor is qualified. That means that the counselor is a professional licensed to practice in a particular state. There is a detailed list of characteristics that you should look for here.

Aside from credentials, you want to ensure you connect with your counselor. A necessary requirement when seeking spiritual counseling is sharing parts of yourself with your counselor. At Stonebriar Counseling Associates, our counselors  will make sure that you will be able to feel safe in sharing intimate details. Some qualities that make for an excellent spiritual counselor include: compassion, a patient listener, and a person who can challenge you to look deeper.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a private session. We look forward to connecting with you on your spiritual journey to healing.

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