What Is Self-care And Why Do We Need It?

In our society these days, self-care is so overlooked. Somehow we have managed to adopt the notion that “self-care” is somehow selfish. The truth is that this thinking is actually quite unhealthy.  While overindulgence and impulsiveness in the name of “self-care” can be bad proper self-care is incredibly important and something that is gravely missing from our present world. What Is Self-care And Why Do We Need It?

What Is Self-care And Why Do We Need It?

Remember the flight attendant on the plane? Before you hit the skies, they remind you that should air pressure change, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling. But, you should always apply your mask first before helping someone else. The reason for this is so simple, you can’t actually help the person sitting next to you if you run out of oxygen first. Neither of you will be in a good place should that happen.

Think of self-care in this same way. Self-care is simply making sure that you have everything you need to be the best you, therefore, allowing you to help those around.

What exactly does self-care look like? Well that answer can vary for everyone. Talking to a professional is a good starting point, especially if you are struggling with something but don’t really know where to go. For some people, self-care consists of giving themselves a break, allowing forgiveness and letting go. This can be as simple as not getting too concerned with the ice cream you ate the night before. This is just one example, of course. Sometimes, it’s a bit more complicated. Setting relationship boundaries and keeping them can be an act of self-care.  Self-care comes in many shapes and forms.

In a world where people treat each other with such disgrace, stop that cycle when it comes to dealing with yourself! In answering the question what is self-care and why do we need it in your personal life should be fun. Make yourself a self-care list and attempt to schedule time in your week to do a few of the things on that list. You may be surprised how much it can help.  And of course, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

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