Individual Counseling: Thriving Instead of Surviving

In Western culture, the norm in society is to suppress emotions to the point of mental, and sometimes physical, exhaustion. Of course, we would not admit this to ourselves. In our world, life must go on. There is too much depending on us. If we fall apart… so will our world. So, we keep on. Media says we can do it. Our children believe we can do it. Our bosses need us to do it. Yet we will reach a point when we don’t have all the answers and we struggle with where to go from here.

Individual Counseling: Thriving Instead of Surviving

One day, all the pain, pressure, anger, and grief we’ve locked away to “deal with later” will strikingly surface. And when that day comes, and it will come, we will face an overwhelming inability to handle the wave of emotions suddenly suffocating us. The control we thought we had over ourselves will evaporate. So, we panic and struggle through life, learning to survive every day instead of living life to the fullest.

If this description of life sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Many Westerners struggle through their emotions because they were not taught to handle them correctly or even at all. Individual counseling with Stonebriar Counseling Associates equips individuals to handle their past and present circumstances with the hope of living a thriving and successful future. They assist and educate you on how to process and cope with the sorrows in life. Stonebriar stands on biblical foundation readying them to counsel you as you seek growth and personal peace in this life.

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Stop just surviving and start thriving.

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