Does My Child Need Educational Testing?

There are several reasons you may be considering educational testing for your child. Perhaps their scores have worsened since starting a new grade, or they seem to be at a standstill in an area they once exceeded. Or, behavioral problems have begun to emerge, and you are concerned because they seem to hate going to school. Whatever the problem may be, educational testing is the first step in solving it.

Does My Child Need Educational Testing?

What’s involved?

Testing requires that you bring in your child to complete several assessments given by our trained staff. There is a range of tests done in order to pinpoint specific areas in need of improvement. For example, we may test for intellectual ability (IQ), specific academic skills, and/or speech and language, among others. By testing for a variety of issues. It is possible to narrow them down to only a few so that you know what extra training or tutoring your child may need in order to improve and gain confidence.

What happens after testing?

Several options are available after finding a skill that needs improvement. If a disability is suspected, you may request that your child’s school consider building an individual education program (IEP) that will target that specific area and include resources that fit your child’s needs. Or, you may search for tutors in your local area that are trained in areas such as speech, language, or specific academic subjects who can work with your child regularly to help them improve. Some parents may decide that homeschooling is the best option for their children, or that enrolling in another school may be necessary.

It is normal to be concerned about your child’s performance in school, but you do not have to wade alone through the process of finding out your child’s unique needs. Please contact us for further questions or to take the next step by setting an appointment.

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