Can Individual Counseling Help Resolve Panic Attacks?

Can Individual Counseling Help Resolve Panic Attacks?

It is not uncommon for people to have had at least one panic attack in their lifetime.  Modern society has brought great advances, but for the average person it has brought additional stressors along with the advances.

From the high school student who is feeling the pressure to perform and who is dealing with difficult social situations with their peers, to a stressed out middle-aged person who is trying to raise a family and take care of aging parents, anxiety and panic attacks can seem to appear out of nowhere and leave a person feeling overwhelmed and perplexed as to how to regain their former regular self.

For some, they may find relief by finding ways to reduce their stress load and incorporating relaxation techniques into their daily life.  Others may find some temporary relief by utilizing a medication prescribed by a qualified physician to help them cope with their panic attacks.

However, for those who seem unable to shake off their anxiety and panic attacks on their own, if they are wondering if individual counseling can help them eliminate panic attacks altogether, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”  Panic attacks and anxiety are often the result of some type of traumatic event or dysfunction in an individual’s life, either in the present or perhaps in their past, often from their childhood years.

Individual counseling can help anxiety and panic attack sufferers by offering coping tools to help a person break through the repetitive negative thought processes central to anxiety and panic attacks.  More importantly, they can help identify the core event(s) or dysfunction in a person’s life and bring these issues out into the light.  When a person  understands the true reason for their emotional distress, they can begin the processing of healing, which was what they truly needed all along.

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