Group Therapy in Our Changing World

Group Therapy in Our Changing World

We have an expectation in our world these days to have it all together. We put on a mask in front of others to make them believe that everything is ok.  Somehow we manage to isolate ourselves when what we really need more than anything is to share.

Group therapy offers something that other counseling cannot. It offers the opportunity to say “Me too.”  In those times where we feel like we are the only person in the world going through what we are going through, group therapy connects us with others.  You can express yourself to people who know what you are going through.

With just a few short questions, you are drawn in. Shortly, you realize that your answers are the same as everyone else’s.  You are not the only person in the world to feel all those emotions which minutes ago felt overwhelming.

The ability to relate to another person is one of the most powerful feelings. When we isolate ourselves, we feel alone.  And alone, we are much quicker and easier to defeat.  When we reach out to others, connect with those who understand, we become a united front.

All of a sudden we connect with someone who has been there. And all of a sudden the huge looming thing ahead of us seems more manageable.  Now you have connected with someone who has been through it.  You can see that they are level headed and sane.  If they made it through then perhaps you can too.  Instead of thinking to yourself, “I’m overwhelmed,” you’ve suddenly added to that “BUT I will make it.”

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