Why is my Child’s Teacher Requesting Educational Testing?

Receiving notice from a teacher that he or she thinks you child needs educational testing can be shocking. At first, most parents feel insulted. It feels like a teacher is telling them that there is something wrong with their child. The best way to word it is that it feel invasive and judgmental. However, there is no need to panic or feel embarrassed.

Why is my Child's Teacher Requesting Educational Testing?

Educational Testing & Early Intervention

All teachers are trained to do their best in providing early intervention for students who need it. Educators believe that students deserve fast and relevant help when it’s needed. The idea of early intervention is for teachers to identify any possible disability which might inhibit that student’s learning process. These disabilities can include learning, behavioral, physical, or emotional disabilities.

Teachers & Early Intervention 

Because all teachers are held highly responsible for identifying any special needs their students might have, they spend the first two months of the school year studying their students’ behaviors and performances. That means your son or daughter is viewed for any differences both in the classroom and during free time. This is, in no way, a process of judgment. Teachers simply want to ensure that all of their students feel good about themselves and good about learning. If your teacher requests educational testing, it is not because your son or daughter is bad, stupid, or under performing. The only thing this request means is that your teacher noticed a difference that they think might need different of extra help to adapt to or normalize.

What Teachers Look For 

In the first few months of the school year, teachers scrupulously search for warning signs in the form of patterns. Teachers look for major differences in your child’s ability to perform academic functions such as reading, writing, and solving math problems. However, teachers also look for major behavioral differences such as displays of empathy, the ability to make friends, and how your child handles loud or chaotic environments. Their goal is not to judge you as a parent or your child as a citizen. Instead, they look for any major difference that affects the comfort and learning of your child throughout his or her school day.

The Seriousness of this Request

A request for educational testing from your teacher does not mean that your son or daughter has a disability. It only means that one is suspected. This is a serious request, but it is in no way a horrible one. Avoid taking offense to the teacher’s request and make an appointment with a professional as soon as you can. This request does not mean that your son or daughter has a disability and it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing for your child to be considered as having a disability. This evaluation will help provide legal rights to educational help.

What Happens After Educational Testing?

If it is determined that your son or daughter has a disability that affects his or her learning, then you will work with the teacher to create an IEP (Individualized Learning Plan). This gives your child a legal right to specific accommodations they need to help them learn the best. This will not negatively affect the learning of your child and it doesn’t mean that they will be treated “differently”.

The most important thing to remember in this situation is that everyone’s end goal is to ensure your son or daughter has a happy and successful experience in school. If your teacher has requested a test, please contact us. Our specialists will be happy to help complete any test requested and to walk you through the process.

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