Do You Need Couple’s Counseling?

You can still remember how it was when you first got together, but now, it’s as if you can’t speak to each other in the same language.  Or maybe you don’t talk much at all.  Or you’ve grown apart.  Whatever the stage of your relationship, when you start tuning out or having conflict, it’s time to look into couple’s counseling.

Do You Need Couple's Counseling?

According to WebMD, sooner is definitely better.  The Gottman Institute agrees that people wait far too long to go for couple’s counseling.  Most couples wait an average of 6 years to finally seek help.  Think of all the time wasted being unhappy when all you needed was to seek some help with a therapist!  If you were ill, you wouldn’t think twice about going to a doctor, so if your relationship is sick, be sure to take it to a good counselor.

How will couple’s counseling help you?  Counseling will give you the tools you need to re-establish your relationship.  A therapist can come up with a plan after a couple of sessions, and you should start to see some positive changes after four or five sessions.  Therapy with a counselor will provide a neutral territory for couples to explore their emotions around each other and the relationship.  Couple’s counseling can help a couple change their patterns of behavior with each other, resulting in a more satisfying relationship.

Are you ready for couple’s counseling?  Contact us so we can help you and your partner achieve more harmony and happiness. Why wait?  You can’t turn back time, but you can build a better relationship now.

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