Knowing the Facts: Panic and Panic Attacks

People panic and experience panic attacks for many reasons, including anxiety, stress, and life-changing events. Panic attacks are more common than people realize. Here are the facts you need to know about panic and panic attacks.

Knowing the Facts: Panic and Panic Attacks

Why Do People Panic?

People panic when a situation is out of their control. When people panic, they often feel anxious and nervous which could cause a panic attack. Panic usually sets in a person’s mind due to fear. Maybe you have a fear of your current situation changing or fear that something will never change, and it is out of your control. At some point in time, everyone experiences fear.

Symptoms of A Panic Attack

Common symptoms of panic attacks include hyperventilation, dizziness, tunnel vision, chest pain, nausea, and hot or cold flashes. Many of the symptoms of panic attacks are caused by anxiety. Individuals who have panic attacks may experience some or all of the symptoms that accompany panic attacks.

Signs You’re Having a Panic Attack

  • Irregular Heartbeat: Some people experience heart palpitations or an irregular heartbeat during before or during a panic attack. A racing heartbeat makes people panic and worsens the situation. An irregular heartbeat can be caused by fear, anxiety, and stress.
  • Dizzy Spells: A lot of people experienced dizziness before, during, or after a panic attack. Feeling dizzy is a symptom of panic attacks, and can be triggered by different physical responses, including fatigue, hyperventilation, and stress.
  • Feelings of Having A Heart Attack: People easily confuse a heart attack with a panic attack because they share common symptoms. A few of these symptoms include shortness of breath, chest pain, and numbness.

Treatment for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks have different treatment options, including meditation, prescribed medication, and counseling, but one of the most reliable forms of treatment is counseling. Counseling is a form of therapy that can benefit people who have panic attacks by alleviating pain, stress, anger, and other feelings that can trigger a panic attack.

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