Individual Counseling and Depression Caused by Social Media

Does social media make us depressed? What do you think? You would actually be quite surprised. How much time does the average person invest on social media? How often are you looking at your phone just scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? Think back to how your life was before smartphones and before all these social media platforms existed.

Individual Counseling and Depression Caused by Social Media

We as a society are constantly hungry for more. We are ready for the next big thing. We are never satisfied, which is why we are constantly consumed by our devices. We are afraid if we aren’t always looking at Facebook or Instagram that we may miss something. This seems to be how a lot of people stay connected these days, but the truth is that is it ruining us. Yes, you read that correctly. Social media is ruining our lives.

It is human nature to want to feel loved and feel a sense of closeness. We don’t want to be alone. We like to be connected. Unfortunately, we cannot always be with our loved ones or even be near them due to circumstances in our lives. We have to work or possibly take care of children. There are so many different things happening that could never allow us to always be our loved ones. However, there is one thing we can stay connected to, which is our electronic devices.

If you are standing in line by yourself at a grocery store waiting, what do you do? You pull out your phone. We can’t stand the thought of standing there still without any type of interaction. We all of a sudden feel awkward being alone. This is causing anxiety and even depression in some people because we feel that we can’t put our phones down.

It is also ruining the personal relationships we used to have in our lives. We feel that connecting on Facebook is easier. It is easier to have conversations by texting. We can control what we say. We like to have that sense of control. In a face-to-face conversation, we can’t delete something we didn’t mean to say. Because of this, society is becoming so robotic. We have forgotten how to truly build a relationship with someone. We have unlearned how to connect on an interpersonal level. As for the younger generations, they have never learned this behavior. The cycle is continuing and only worsening. Let’s go back to life before social media. We will be happier. Individual counseling may be an option to also consider. This will allow you to have someone else help break things down for you and sort them out and get back on the right track.

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