Signs of ADHD in Girls

We have heard a lot about the signs of ADHD in boys but there is still not enough information on how ADHD shows up in girls.  While most girls will talk a lot, a possible sign of ADHD is excessive talking even when it’s during inappropriate times. Some girls with ADHD also frequently interrupt conversations and don’t always practice good listening skills. Other signs include struggles with focusing on important details, messiness, and daydreaming. Here are other things to look out for in girls who might have ADHD.

Signs of ADHD in Girls

Never Stops Moving


This sign happens often in boys with ADHD, but some parents might not realize that hyperactivity can be a sign of this condition in girls. If your daughter is bored easily even after you played with her for hours or after she spent a lot of time outside during the day, she could be hyperactive. Or if she struggles to sit still for a few minutes to eat dinner, listen to a conversation, or do homework, this should be a cause for concern.


Poor Reading Comprehension


This can also happen with girls who have ADHD.  Parents and teachers can help the girl improve her reading comprehension by using books that are about topics that she is interested in. If your daughter enjoys learning about sewing and fashion, you can give her books about this so that she will stay focused on what she reads.




Some girls with ADHD tend to be forgetful.  They might forget their homework or school supplies for class, and they might forget when certain appointments are to take place. Parents can help by giving the girl a planner or a dry-erase board for her to write important tasks down.

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In conclusion, if you sense that your daughter has ADHD, obtain an evaluation.

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