Choosing Satisfying Relationships

I believe Life is all about Relationship! This belief comes from the biblical foundation of God’s ultimate relationship with us, his created. The original design and intention of relationship isseen in principles throughout the Bible-fellowship, community, friendship, social customs, covenants, marriage and in the giving and sharing of ourselves with others. We are actually MADE for relationship! One of the first things assessed for when couples come for counseling is whether they give me the impression they are a couple, or two individuals. Many times they have stopped sharing not only their thoughts, hopes and dreams, but spend little time together and rarely say words to their partner showing they value and love them. Who, or what, has made them think and act independently? William Glasser, M.D. believes most problems people have all come from one source-unsatisfying relationships. He created ‘Choice Theory’ which he says is a psychology of personal freedom. Good relationships are important to a successful life and people choose everything they do, including feeling miserable. As for the couple feeling isolated and acting independently, no circumstance or person has made them stop showing value and love; they have chosen to do so. We have all heard that love is a choice. From a Godly view, we see Christ loved us while we were still unlovable, yet he chose to love us anyway-unconditional love.

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