Exercise & Nutrition: Coping Mechanisms for Life!

Physical health affects how you move, look, feel and even think every day. It influences your energy as you work and play. More importantly, life and stress are much easier to handle when your body is healthy! Thus, exercise and nutrition become COPING MECHANISMS FOR LIFE! Life is more enjoyable when you are pain free, energized, and physically capable of doing the things you love and desire to do. Whether this means reducing/eliminating blood pressure medication, improving body composition, improving your half-marathon time, or other ambitions you may have, this is my goal and passion as a personal trainer! Making health a priority can change your life and also influence those around you. The two most important parts of physical health involve EXERCISE and NUTRITION. These two go hand-in-hand. Not fueling your body with proper nutrition negates many of the benefits of exercise and vice versa. Cardiovascular activities (running, swimming, racquetball etc) and resistance training (weights, bands, and other strength activities) will keep your heart and muscles in check. Complimenting your exercise with lean proteins (i.e. fish/chicken, low fat/nonfat dairy), complex carbohydrates (i.e. oatmeal, brown rice, whole grains), and plenty of water will assure your body gets the nutrients it needs. Understanding the needs of your body and establishing goals is vital in order to be healthy.

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