How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help correct many mental health difficulties from addiction to bad habits. It is a step by step process to bring behavior into perspective with thought processes. An example includes when you pick at scabs to a point which is dangerous to your health. The medical term for this is excoriation and I am sure everyone is aware that picking at scabs is not a good idea. But cognitive behavioral therapy can help bring connection to this knowledge and one’s actions.

How cognitive behavioral therapy works

The way it works is that you look at your first thoughts (“oh, I have a scab”) and then look at your thoughts about what action you will take (“I will try not to pick it”). Then you look at what action you actually take (you pick the scab) and compare it to the action you would like to take (not touching the scab and letting it heal). The therapist can help you take steps to be more conscious of actions and thought processes and catch yourself when you begin to take negative actions. Then, with conscious effort, you may be able to incorporate new actions such as peeling an orange and eating it. Through homework and perseverance, cognitive behavioral therapy homework can lead to the replacement of bad habits with good ones.

If you are suffering from a bad habit or addiction, contact us today and begin the transformation. These problems may manifest as nonstop arguments with family members, smoking, drinking, low self-esteem, avoidance of scary situations and more. Cognitive behavioral therapy has worked for many individuals, so do not discount the possibility that it will enhance your quality of life!

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