Communicating Love

“Hubba, Hubba”! A female marriage counseling client said it best I think. We were discussing God’s original intention for marriage. We already know what Adam actually said when God brought Eve to him based on Genesis 2:22-24. But what do you imagine he first thought when he woke up and God presented to him this absolutely beautiful, stunning and highly desirable mate? Hubba, Hubba may not really be a word, but it was probably pretty close to his response. So often it seems marriage partners say it is not like it was when they were dating, or when they were first married; “we just don’t have fun or do much together anymore.” As the years roll by many couples become complacent and discontented. Maybe they begin to feel neglected or ignored, then move to feeling uncared for and unloved and eventually even become lonely, isolated; the friendship is gone. “You’ve lost that loving feelin’” as Hall and Oates sang so many years ago.

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