5 Benefits of Group Therapy

There are several benefits of attending group therapy. These therapy sessions can be held for a number of reasons. We offer ongoing groups for, boundaries (women only), sexual addictions (men only), and for couples in couples communication. Group therapy sessions generally last around 90 minutes. Depending on the issue that the group is addressing depends on how long these groups continue, they may only last a couple of months or they could last for years. Here are five benefits of participating in group therapy.

5 Benefits of Group Therapy

1. You’re not alone

When you go to a therapy session you are surrounded by people who are there for the exact same reasons as you. You realize you are not the only person struggling with your issue. In a group, setting you realize that struggling with this issue is normal and you do not have to travel that road alone.

2. Receive support

Not only do the people in group therapy understand exactly what you are going through but they know how to support you. Your group will support you during your struggle and in return, you will learn how to support them. You will build a connection with your group, and you will all support and receive feedback from each other.

3. Notice and acknowledge your feelings

Group therapy will help you to recognize what you are feeling. In sessions, you will learn to acknowledge what you are feeling and your group will help you learn to express your needs.

4. Relate to others.

In group therapy, you will get a chance to see how you can relate to other people in the moment instead of examining it later. This type of examination in the moment will help reveal information about how you form relationships and why some are likely not working out well.

5. Have a safety net.

The group setting provides people with a stage in which to practice being genuine. Some people may have trouble speaking up in different situations in their life and this platform can help them hon these skills.

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