Two Steps You Can Take To Overcome Panic and Panic Attacks

Panic Disorder is a disability that many individuals suffer from, and the prolonged effects of it can be detrimental to daily living. However, Panic Disorder is easily treatable once an individual begins taking the proper steps towards mental wellness. Taking the first step can be tricky though, and often individuals need a push in the right direction. Always remember that seeing a therapist can help you determine what specific steps are going to be the most beneficial to you. Here are a few steps you can take in the meantime though.

Two Steps You Can Take To Overcome Panic and Panic Attacks

-Change Your Mindset-

One of the biggest factors contributing to Panic Disorder is an incorrect way of thinking. Most Panic Attacks related to Panic Disorder occur because individuals have a fear-driven mindset. Instead of thinking “What if I have a panic attack while I’m out and I can’t get to help” try thinking “I won’t have a panic attack when I’m out, and if I do, I can handle it in the best way possible”. This will begin to re-wire your mindset, changing from a negative one to a positive one.

-Take Deep Breaths-

This may sound silly, but it actually works. Taking deeper slower breaths helps your body switch to a slower, steadier heartbeat. What this does is alleviates the feeling of having a racing heart, and in turn helps your mental process because our bodies are wired to connect having a racing heartbeat to being in danger. Once your heartbeat is steady, you can take a second to look around and say “I’m not in any immediate danger, everything is going to be okay”.

These are two of the best ways to help prevent Panic Attacks related to Panic Disorder at home, before you are able to get to therapy, or in between therapy sessions. Remember, with the proper steps and the right medical help, it is possible to overcome Panic Disorder and live a Panic free life.

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