Overcoming Infidelity and Other Relationship Obstacles

Infidelity can strike any relationship… New or old, married or unwed, no relationship is immune. However, the reality is that most people who step out of their marriage or relationship, still love and care for the person they strayed from. A Lack of communication and support, not being understanding towards one another, and failing to meet … Read more

Marriage Counseling is Not Always Easy, But it is Always Worth It!

The reality of facing marriage counseling is a scary thought. Sometimes life gets in the way of a relationship. Stress weighs on people and their commitment to each other. With counseling, couples learn to communicate more effectively and manage the many stresses of life appropriately. Together, spouses learn to support each other effectively to lessen … Read more

7 Good Reasons to Consider Marriage Counseling

Although marriage is a wonderful union between a man and woman, after the “honeymoon phase” wears off and you realize you and your spouse are two imperfect people trying to make it in this world together, you might need to consider marriage counseling. According to an article on www.psychcentral.com, there are seven main reasons couples seek … Read more

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

Let’s face it. The stress in your home is slowly killing you and your spouse. It’s hard to know were to begin to relieve this stress. It has adverse effects on your children, your pets, your co-workers, and even your relatives. Ignoring the marital issues with your spouse only allows them to worsen, sometimes to the point that your home life … Read more