Individual Counseling: Get to Know The Person in Your Mirror

Many people go regularly to counseling when a deep bout of depression hits or when anxiety affects their day-to-day lives. Therapy is a great tool to help individuals with mental health struggles. While it’s perfectly accurate that individual counseling can be sought out to work through depression or anxiety, one can also use it for several other personal … Read more

The Value of Individual Counseling

Many people believe psychology is a lot of hocus-pocus. But psychology is a well-established science with a scientific method and therapies show real results. Psychology is a valued scientific field which has helped solve mysteries of human behavior since 387 BC. It started with Plato and then Aristotle when they realized that some aspects of behavior … Read more

Individual Counseling is the Best Treatment for Trauma-Related Disorders

Many people have suffered trauma at some time during their lifetimes. Abuse from one’s past, witnessing of a crime, or serving in the armed forces can all lead to trauma that develops into a wide variety of mental disorders.  The most common of these disorders is post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.  Individuals with PTSD may … Read more