You’re Not Alone: Counseling Classes and Seminars Offered

We all have things we struggle with in life. You are not alone, and you don’t need to solve the problem by yourself. Trying to deal with anger, stress, parenting and/or relationship problems alone can make the issue worse. Which is why being alone is such an easy way to cope but you’re not alone. Stonebriar Counseling offers classes and seminars to help you deal.

You're Not Alone: Counseling Classes and Seminars Offered

Negative experiences have a huge impact on the brain. When we experience something negative, our fight or flight mode kicks in. Negative thoughts are stored in the amygdala part of the brain. Like a beaten pathway, if we continue to think negatively, it will be solidified in our brains. If these thoughts are not challenged with positive thoughts, they can become overwhelming. At this point, the thalamus, which sends sensory and motor signals to the body, sends actual stress symptoms to your body. This part of the brain cannot determine the difference between actual and perceived danger (negative thoughts). As a result, our bodies react to the stress with a rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, and higher blood pressure. Panic attacks also stem from this part of the brain.

The body, mind, and soul are delicately interwoven. Each of them requires attention. If we ignore one of them, our lives feel out of balance. Finding a fulfilling balance is where happiness and freedom are found.

To discover a balance for your life, attend our counseling classes at Stonebriar Counseling Associates. Classes are offered in the Stonebriar office and at participating local churches. We are a counseling service that believes in a stronger individual and healthier relationships through the power of God.

Stop trying to solve the issue on your own, and contact us today to attend a counseling class or seminar.

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