The Price of a Hurried Life

The best way to spot if someone you’re concerned about is an adrenaline addict is to understand what they are like when they are not running their life at a fast pace. When adrenaline addicts slow down they are not happy people. It’s as if they try not to slow down! But if they do relax, say on weekends, in the evening before bed, or on vacation, they experience withdrawal symptoms like these: • A compulsion to get busy, be more productive, or be stimulated with noise or activity • Emptiness, boredom, and depressed mood • Feelings of guilt about being idle • Irritability or loss of temper • Worrying about work that needs to be done • Fidgetiness or restlessness (e.g., pacing, finger or foot tapping, fast gum chewing)• Utter exhaustion. Living under the pressure of time-urgency or being keyed up is a costly venture.

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