Overcoming Infertility as a Couple

Every couple comes to the crossroads of deciding to start a family or not. This decision is life-altering and can cause strife in a relationship if the couple isn’t on the same page. Making this decision can difficult, but what happens when a couple wants to start their family, but infertility plays a part? There are a few healthy steps that will help overcome the pain and worry.

Overcoming Infertility as a Couple


Support is vital when going through infertility and starting the journey of treatments. Husbands, this is the time to support your spouse by portraying compassion and understanding. Communication is critical when deciding on the correct path to take, and understanding the needs and feelings of one another will help when making huge life decisions. Infertility can have adverse effects on a relationship, but it is essential to not cast blame on one another.

Do Not Blame the Other

When you’re in the thick of fertility treatments and stressed with the costs, it’s easy to cast blame on your spouse. Please, do not do this. It is vital to remember that no one is at fault and that this situation can happen to anyone. Stress can ruin the best couples, but it is possible to stay healthy during challenging circumstances. Remember why you fell in love and why you both wanted to start a family. When you focus on the positives, the negatives seem more bearable to handle.

Tell Who You Want

Wanting to keep infertility a secret is understandable and smart in certain circumstances. When you and your spouse start the fertility process, come up with a list of people you’re okay with telling. Infertility is a personal journey, and it’s okay to share that journey with those closest to you. Immediate family and close friends who will be supportive are good choices. You know your loved ones, which means you know who will support you or who tear you down. For your sanity, refrain from telling those who tend towards being hurtful or insensitive. This journey is hard enough without the unnecessary opinions of others, and it’s okay if those people are family members. Not all members of your family have the right to know every situation you and your spouse face.

The infertility journey is mentally and physically exhausting, but it is essential to lean on one another. Remember, it’s okay that life doesn’t always work out on the timeline you’ve created. Experiencing bumps in the road is a part of life, but it’s how you handle those bumps that matter. If you and your spouse need guidance in navigating the emotional hardships of infertility, please contact us.

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