You Don’t Have To Experience A Death To Experience Grief And Loss

Most people associate the term “grief and loss” with death. But what about the ending of a long-term relationship with someone who was once very close to you? What if your house catches fire and you lose irreplaceable items or even a position at work you worked hard for was given to a fellow employee? These may also cause feelings of anguish, sadness, heartache, distress, and sorrow.

You Don't Have To Experience A Death To Experience Grief And Loss

This is also grief and loss. Depending on what the loss meant to you, figuring out how to accept and move forward from what is causing your grief isn’t easy to do alone. Coping in a healthy manner is important for your life and the way you proceed after a loss. Grief counseling is important for you if you’ve experienced any of these or similar losses, or any loss in your life that causes you suffering and sadness.

A child may experience grief and loss if a parent suddenly becomes absent, or if the parents separate. Little ones tend to have their own scenarios with their big imaginations. It is important to teach the child to cope in a healthy way. It’s important they know that what they are feeling is normal. Depending on the child’s age, coming up with the words to make the child understand at their level of understanding sometimes isn’t easy, especially if you too are also experiencing the same grief and loss.

All the feelings you are feeling are normal and you can learn to cope in a healthy way. Acceptance and the ability to be happy again are an option, contact us and let us help you and/or your child or even a close family member or friend feel good again.

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