Psychological Testing: The Edith Kramer Evaluation

Psychological testing for developmentally disabled children takes many forms. Some test a child’s intellect. Some test a child’s reading comprehension. Some test a child’s motor skills. In addition, exploring a child’s creativity can unlock secrets and provide safe havens. This is where Edith Kramer shines. Edith Kramer (1916-2014) was a psychoanalyst and an artist from Austria. … Read more

What is Involved in a Psychological Evaluation?

Psychological evaluation is the process by which a mental health professional assesses an individual’s psychological functioning. An evaluation can help your therapist determine if anything is occurring in your psychological life that is preventing you from thinking or behaving in constructive, healthy ways. Stonebriar Counseling Associates provides a full range of psychological evaluation services. An evaluation … Read more

Counseling Seminars and Workshops

Are you ready to learn more?  Maybe you don’t feel ready for counseling, or perhaps you just need an introduction or a refresher, but our counseling seminars and workshops may be what you need.  Sometimes it can be a challenge locating a counselor that’s right for you so getting familiar with us at any of our seminars or … Read more

Individual Counseling Isn’t Just For People With “Problems”

Sometimes the negative connotations associated with individual counseling deter people from seeking the help that they need.  Counseling isn’t just for people with marital struggles, grief, mental health issues, or family problems; it can be a useful maintenance tool to help prevent issues from happening. Why should you attend counseling? You are struggling in some area … Read more

How an Educational Evaluation Can Help Your Child Succeed

An educational evaluation consists of a series of tests that can help you better understand your child. While the exact tests might vary based on your particular situation, you can usually expect your child to undergo a cognitive assessment (IQ test), an achievement test, and tests that assess the child’s personality and preferences. These tests can … Read more

How Premarital Counseling Can Strengthen Your Marriage

When people think of couples going to counseling sessions together, often what first comes to mind is counseling to help couples who are already having issues or difficulties in their relationships, not couples just contemplating marriage. When a couple is considering marriage, things are usually going pretty well in the relationship. So, instead of focusing … Read more