Individual Counseling: Learning Forgiveness

Forgiveness of self and others is one of the most important concepts in spiritual and psychological thought. Some say that forgiveness just happens as a gift from God; others say that it’s an incredibly difficult process that you must do alone. It turns out that embracing forgiveness occurs in all sorts of individual ways, and individual counseling helps you learn how to forgive in the ways that work best for you.

Individual Counseling: Learning Forgiveness

Individual Christian counseling teaches us that human judgment and lack of forgiveness are similar functions in the psyche. When we judge others, we, in turn, judge ourselves. Forgiveness has no room for judgment.

In this contemporary, consumerist culture, judgment often comes barging in on us. We are constantly told to engage in social comparison processes. How much media do you ingest a day that invites you to compare your car, your shoes, your phone, and countless other things to the cars, shoes, and phones of your neighbor, co-worker, friend, brother, etc.? This rarely produces positive thought processes or feelings.

Because we learn social control mechanisms to compare and judge others, we often need to learn how to stop judging others and, in turn, ourselves. Counseling is one of the best ways to relearn how to navigate reality without a judgmental perspective, and it speeds up the process of inner healing that is so vital to total health and well-being.

When you commit to experiencing individual counseling, you are also committing to improving your life and yourself.

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