Grief Therapy: Hope for Wholeness

Alone. Traumatized. Misunderstood. Broken. These are just a few common emotions of those who are grieving.

Grief Therapy: Hope for Wholeness

These feelings are completely normal after a significant loss. However, when a person feels overwhelmed by such emotions and just can’t move forward, it might be “complicated grief”. The definition of complicated grief is

grieving that has a significant and long-term impact on a person’s emotional and physical health, and on their ability to function normally in their life.

If this is the case for you, it might be time to consider grief therapy.

A professional therapist can help you make sense of your intense sadness and confusing thoughts. Stonebriar Counseling Associates offers individual counseling and group therapy. They will help you assess your needs for your grief journey, and then make a road map for you to follow. You’ll have a plan for hope, instead of feeling lost and alone.

It’s true that most people experience the well-known five stages of grief (which Elizabeth Kubler-Ross defined in her book “On Death and Dying”). They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. There is no set order or time limit for going through these stages. Occasionally, you may even feel many of them at the same time.

You might be comforted to learn that certain difficulties are common for the bereaved. However, your counselor will respect that your personal story of loss is unique only to you.

Support from others is so important during a time like this, as is faith in God. Your emotional, mental and psychological health will be addressed from a loving, Christian perspective.

Are you ready to start your healing journey from brokenness to wholeness? Please contact us. Our therapists are ready to provide caring guidance, every step of the way.

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