Forgiveness is Healing

The concept of forgiveness can be a hard one to grasp. “They don’t deserve it.” You may think. “I don’t deserve it.”  Might be another thing eating you up.  Creating a rhetoric in your head accusing and belittling. You realize the way you’re viewing the world or yourself is causing more harm than good. You may think it’s something you have to live with as the word undeserving piles up in your mind; making it painful to trust. The truth is; to heal you must learn to forgive.

Forgiveness is Healing

The process of forgiving others is a journey. You must come to terms with the actions that you feel hurt you. The pain someone has caused you may or may not be bothering them, but it is bothering you. You may lie in bed awake thinking about it. Anger, sadness, and confusion may overtake you as days, weeks, or months pass. You may think “Why?”  Unfortunately, this question that has been bouncing around in your head may not ever get answered. Someone may not even ask you for your forgiveness but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing with your life as they continue with theirs.

Not being able to forgive someone is like leaving a wound untreated. You say, “It’ll get better.” But every day it festers. This also applies to the forgiveness of you. As you live you may do or say things that are unforgivable, but you must. That little voice in the back of your head telling you “you’re bad” is not right. There is a key difference in forgiving yourself versus others, you have a chance to redeem yourself in some way. Even if you can’t change the situation in which you cannot forgive, you can do something you are proud of.

Forgiveness is tricky and hard. Choosing to forgive is better than letting anger and resentment rot your wound. Let yourself heal from the hurt. Making the conscious effort to forgive whether it be yourself or someone else will improve your mental health. You have the chance to grow and maybe enjoy life even just a little more.  Seeking help will make the journey easier. Call us today to make an appointment.

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