Understanding How Panic Can Affect Us

Panic, by definition, is when a person feels that his or her fear is overpowering all other logical and reasonable thought processes. This type of response usually occurs during a stressful or formidable situation and is completely natural; although, this type of emotion occurring at high rates and for no obvious reason can become problematic.

Understanding How Panic Can Affect Us

In general, many people have experienced a panic attack at some point in their lives when their physical responses to dire circumstances become profoundly overwhelming. A panic attack typically occurs suddenly and quickly intensifies. Some of the more common physical symptoms are chest pain, shaking, shortness of breath, dizziness, and heart palpitations. Once the stressful event subsides or the person begins to calm down, these symptoms usually improve and he or she begins to feel a bit better.

Panic disorder, on the other hand, is chronic and more intrusive in one’s life. Although the symptoms are similar to a panic attack, they occur more often and without a stressor being present. A constant feeling of impending doom can make a person feel as though they are forced to start avoiding anything that has triggered him or her in the past. Triggers can range from specific sounds or smells to everyday situations or places that may have previously caused this type of physical response. Due to this avoidant behavior, a person’s life can be significantly impacted. The more one avoids these commonplace situations and interactions, the more isolated and despondent he or she may feel.

Feelings of hopelessness and despair can be overwhelming. Have you ever felt as though you were losing control of your own life? You don’t need to continue feeling this way. It’s okay to reach out. Hope and grace come in many forms. Allow us to support you in your journey to a more fulfilling life. We can help. Contact us at Stonebriar Counseling Associates today!

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