Spiritually Speaking: : Location!

Location! Location! Location! Business owners and real estate people all believe this is the answer to the question, “what are the three most important things in business”? They know a great ‘location’ is an integral asset. I think God must think it is pretty important also based on the first question he ever asked man: “Where are you?” Of course, God already knew the answer. Not only did he know where Adam and Eve were hiding, the physical location, he knew from what, why and whom they were hiding. They were attempting to hide from God because they were guilty, and the sin they had committed had broken and severed their relationship with him. But relationship with God was not all that was broken down. Adam and Eve had damaged the perfect marriage relationship too. Genesis 2:25 said before their offense “The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” But now they were ashamed of their bodies, each other and proceeded to play the blame game when confronted by God. Once confident and secure in all their relationships-themselves, each other and in God- they now felt embarrassed, disgraced, afraid, helpless, insecure, and guilty!

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