How Does Family Counseling Help?

Family counseling is an effective avenue for a family to build communication tools to resolve conflicts and challenges. A family is a system of individual parts that needs to work simultaneously to maintain healthy relationships and stay together. All members of the family should attend counseling sessions in order to make progress with challenges. An effective … Read more

Effective Child and Adolescent Therapy from A Christian Perspective

Understanding the psychology of a child can be a tall order for most parents and understandably so. Especially in today’s fast-paced, multitasking society where we have to balance work with school bus times, family meals, sports practices, homework assistance, family gatherings, and once in every super blue moon maybe even five minutes to ourselves for a Sudoku … Read more

Individual Counseling Isn’t Just For People With “Problems”

Sometimes the negative connotations associated with individual counseling deter people from seeking the help that they need.  Counseling isn’t just for people with marital struggles, grief, mental health issues, or family problems; it can be a useful maintenance tool to help prevent issues from happening. Why should you attend counseling? You are struggling in some area … Read more