Why Seek the Services of a Sexual Addiction Counselor

Sex, especially within a committed relationship, is one of the most perfect expressions of love and devotion there is, not to mention the way most of us conceive children. However, as a recent piece in Medical News Today notes, sexual addiction is an obsessive compulsive disorder that drives people to seek sex as often as possible with as many partners as possible, to the detriment of all other considerations. Sexual addiction is not having a healthy libido. The person suffering from the disorder derives no pleasure from the experience. Indeed it can be safely said that, in many ways, no difference exists between sexual addiction and other forms of the disorder that concern drugs and alcohol.

Why Seek the Services of a Sexual Addiction Counselor

Sexual addition, if left untreated, can lead to the destruction of one’s marriage, the loss of jobs, STD infection, unwanted pregnancy, and even, in some cases, criminal prosecution. Those people suffering from the disorder feel compelled to seek out more exciting and dangerous sexual experiences. They are left with feelings of anxiety, guilt, and a lack of self-worth.

The causes of sexual addiction include certain brain disorders that interfere with the survival and reward systems of human behavior. Many people who suffer from sexual addiction come from dysfunctional family backgrounds, have been abused, and have a family history of addiction.

Fortunately, treatment is available for sexual addiction, including counseling and support groups. Remember that the disorder does not stem from a moral failing but rather is recognized by the mental health community as a mental condition that is highly treatable.

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